Due to reality i will be taking some time off.

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What needs cleaning in your house?

This link, brought to you by Lifehacker, unclutter, helps anyone clean and organize their life with a simple ‘filing’ system.

My workspace and storage needs to be cleaned. I have loads of books with no shelves. The storage is mostly toys and old homework. I’ve started on the closet, but if the end of the world comes, it’s not going to matter. I just need to get it done so that i have only the necessary materials for reference regarding job searching.

Since i got access to a computer again, I’ll be cleaning up my blogs, drives, and emails. My emails are swamped and I’m lazy. I have to job search and that won’t do. My blogs, i always feel are oddly tagged, otherwise i need to start typing/writing again. My old homework on my drives or cds need sorting for reference.

So i zoned my information and downloaded some process apps to get through it. What i need now is to put the effort into it. 🙂

The Wisdom Teeth Extraction Update

June 23

My teeth were fine! Not impacted and fit nicely.
At least one had a cavity…but still society wanted them removed.
Arrived early, no ketamine, done all 4 in about 20 minutes.
I got four shots of novacain, though.
Had a bit of a panic attack. No pain.
Forgot to ask for them back….for display.
Society won, and now i got four more holes in my head.

I need other people because…

This is a very hard topic to answer because i simply don’t care. It is easy to not care most of the time because most of the adults in my family either don’t know, ignore the signs, or allow themselves to enable my worst problems to avoid problems. I ignore most external sources, even my fav actors.

I’ve been spoiled for choice (not monetary) on most things in my life. Since my choices are watch tv, sleep, eat, and other bare essentials, it’s not much of a life. Since i have lost a sense of self, or deconstructed it that far, i lost most motivations for anything else. The most i know about myself is that i have an ISTP personality.

The significant needs were ususally ‘handled’, and if i have to participate i feel very detached about the event. I constantly need reminders and i’m terrible at contingency plans on my priorities.

I need people to help me with personal growth on my strength and weaknesses, so that i can make the right decisions and find the strength to take action. In fact, i need to start from scratch. Logically i am depressed about all this because i fear i am not up to the task. I am old enough to understand, but i dont care. There is no trust because i dont want to look for it. I have more trust in fictional characters because they don’t give me grief.


The Wisdom Teeth Extraction

So my dentist says it’s time to extract the little buggers.

There’s NOTHING wrong with them except a little tissue overlap and small cavities in the bottom 2 that could be taken care of easily (?)……..

I have yet to talk to the surgeons, but if i have to, i want to be fully knocked out.

I’m reading the webmd info again.
Should they be removed?

Oral Surgery

since i have a few followers, what was your experience?

How will you change that one thing about yourself that drives you nuts?

the way i collect all my anxiety – it makes my back hurt.

“Try to make sure you get some quality time to yourself today, Libra. Your nature is one that thrives on intense thought, creativity, sexuality, and emotion. Without adequate time alone in a space that’s comfortable for you, you may begin to feel worn out. Such things as irritability or withdrawal can be strong indicators that it’s high time you were alone with yourself. Make some plans for this today.”

i need to get away and meditate or something before i have a panic attack
then i need to finish the things that screw with me

Where do you find creative inspiration?

i get the best inspiration from memes, topic ideas, fanfiction, and TV.

Ooh and fav actors XD

since my livestreams provided me with nothing – such is the Great YouTube!

edit: they cut out his last line, it was so sweet. Here is the Daily Motion for the full version

Close your eyes and write about what immediately pops into your head: Sadness

The current actor i am living vicariously through because i wish to escape reality.

Recently the length of Fangirling time has shortened with each new actor because i have the guilts for not being more useful in my life. I don’t know how long this one is going to last, but there will probably be someone new in six months; no matter how loyal i am or if they have new eps and interviews.

Then i think about writing a story with the character(s) they play. I haven’t written any fanfics since 1998+ and X Files. i have a few prompts, but i haven’t got the time to flesh them out or find a regular writer to adopt the plot bunny. however if i got an ff.net account…

then i think about watching tv again to forget the crazy i have inadvertently given myself. or read the books that i have horded since whenever.

then i think about school and how it will end someday and ….. where’s my future and how will i pay for it?


One Year on WordPress!


well, thinking of doing a run through of my categories and tags to make sure they’re correct

And writing this post!

Wordle My Universe!




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