Cats or dogs – which do you prefer?

I prefer cats. I’ve had the chance to experience both, but i have a closer relationship with cats by the numbers. However, i know the general breed of dogs i encountered, and have been watching Dog Whisperer for a couple years.

Cats – 6, Dogs – 4



Between the ages of 5 and 10, what was your favorite activity?

I had a few activities….

I had no chores so my days were open to going out with parents to school or elsewhere, or sit on my ass all day playing with the cats. If i went to a park I had the most fun on the swings.

One of the most fun activities I’ve ever had was playing/digging in the dirt or making castles in the mud. The problem, however, was that i had no access to a sand box of sorts so i was either tearing up sections of flowerbeds or digging at a beach. If it were a flowerbed i usually, eventually, put it to good use or kept it well hidden till the next time. I developed a love for certain bugs like woodlice. I loved it, so I continued my penchant for digging until recent times; due to the fact that the apartment holders would probably frown on that sort of thing (it’s depressing) I’ve had to stop. So now I only have the fish tank were my pet woodlice live.

I played with my Legos. The Legos were few but i had other figurines to make it fun. I made up stories about an island kingdom and some villains. I have lost most of the characters en route to new houses. It bums me out to this day because i had a glow-in-the-dark Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collectable figurine and a few ceramic and plastic animals that were lost to oblivion while the others sit in a ratty old shoebox. :C

I had stronger friendships, so i went to a sleepover or two. This was before I watched more than normal amounts of TV……self explanatory.

weekends i allowed for religion, though i had not found any purpose for it then as I don’t now. I only liked to sing there i suppose.

What creature would your ideal electronic pet resemble?


What did you do before computers/Internet?

too young to know about it…k-3
had friends, played outside

1990s **
What i did before: watch TV, read, get homework done…less late, had no chores, go outside: bugs and biking/walking, listen to country music, hanging with the pets.
TV: Saturday CBS, reruns of those, PBS – Bill Nye, Ghostwriter, Magic School Bus, TVO – Art Attack

They just added computers to my school. There was no internet, I just saw the games and files on floppy disks. I don’t remember the brand, maybe Apple. They were the beige, bulky models. They did add more modern computers later, but i didn’t use them.

I had access during high school in the library and a few classes. The beginning of my net addiction started with X Files :). No longer objectifying actors… much. Some homework assignments were easier to research and write up.


2003 Got a phone with access
pop music on youtube
classes related to computers

<<2007 school library access/laptop
first email, homework assignments
brain games
more fanfiction

>> social media accounts

Big Deal….!

So Mom and I moved to a new place this February.
We lived as long as we could at the old home; now it’s just my readjusting problems and dealing with priorities.

spring break is coming!