What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

My most valuable objects are my books and my toys, or any family heirlooms. Most of them are already waiting to be sorted or in storage.

While I haven’t read most of the books, ‘cept my X Files, and Roswell, and children’s books, I could pick out some to put them in a capsule of sorts. The toys – Beanie Babies and others are in storage as well. My family heirlooms consist of my grandmother’s library, her tv, and her wedding band.

nothing particularly time capsule-y


The Wisdom Teeth Extraction Update

June 23

My teeth were fine! Not impacted and fit nicely.
At least one had a cavity…but still society wanted them removed.
Arrived early, no ketamine, done all 4 in about 20 minutes.
I got four shots of novacain, though.
Had a bit of a panic attack. No pain.
Forgot to ask for them back….for display.
Society won, and now i got four more holes in my head.

Cats or dogs – which do you prefer?

I prefer cats. I’ve had the chance to experience both, but i have a closer relationship with cats by the numbers. However, i know the general breed of dogs i encountered, and have been watching Dog Whisperer for a couple years.

Cats – 6, Dogs – 4


#20songsilove: Country Songs

Here’s the full list from my twitter:

there were a few i wanted to add
-Rumor Has It – Clay Walker
-Love, Me – Colin Raye
-You and Me – Kenny Chesney
-Nobody Wins – Radney Foster
-I’m in a hurry to get things done – Alabama
-Nobody Knows – Kevin Sharp

The games I played :)


now I’ll probably look for the downloads….

What old shows do you wish were still on TV?

The shows i don’t have on DVD:

Ghostwriter – found a link for all the Youtube!
Bill Nye the Science Guy – only found the songs on Youtube
Are You Being Served? – disappeared from PBS?
Magic School Bus on the weekend?
Art Attack – TVO channel – i wish it would rerun on a channel i can get
Roswell – have the books

Some shows have returned (cable is my friend!)

new Red Dwarf – don’t know if they will rerun on PBS like they did before
reruns of Dr Quinn, X Files, Judging Amy
sometimes Firefly is on the Science Channel
Survivorman is filming – Les Stroud is surviving for 10 days this time

Where do you find creative inspiration?

i get the best inspiration from memes, topic ideas, fanfiction, and TV.

Ooh and fav actors XD

since my livestreams provided me with nothing – such is the Great YouTube!

edit: they cut out his last line, it was so sweet. Here is the Daily Motion for the full version

Close your eyes and write about what immediately pops into your head: Sadness

The current actor i am living vicariously through because i wish to escape reality.

Recently the length of Fangirling time has shortened with each new actor because i have the guilts for not being more useful in my life. I don’t know how long this one is going to last, but there will probably be someone new in six months; no matter how loyal i am or if they have new eps and interviews.

Then i think about writing a story with the character(s) they play. I haven’t written any fanfics since 1998+ and X Files. i have a few prompts, but i haven’t got the time to flesh them out or find a regular writer to adopt the plot bunny. however if i got an ff.net account…

then i think about watching tv again to forget the crazy i have inadvertently given myself. or read the books that i have horded since whenever.

then i think about school and how it will end someday and ….. where’s my future and how will i pay for it?


One Year on WordPress!


well, thinking of doing a run through of my categories and tags to make sure they’re correct

And writing this post!

Write a review of the last movie you saw.

Cowboys and Aliens 2011: scifi/thriller
Aliens were fantastic!
The story was fantastic!
Harrison Ford still great
Daniel Craig heard he was James Bond
Olivia Wilde’s eyes made her look like Keira Knightly sometimes

Fright Night 2011: horror/comedy
David Tennant: the main reason i went to see the movie in theaters, didn’t disappoint, even if i had to wait. Very HOT!!!!!
Anton Yelchin: saw him in The House of D. great acting here!
Colin Farrell’s acting was ok but i never saw him in anything before so he didn’t interest me even as the main vampire.
Vampires here were scarier, if i were to get scared by such things.

Avatar 2009: /action/adventure/fantasy – i would add scifi
Aliens were blue!
i liked it initially in theaters, but when it came on cable tv i got hooked. This was mostly because of the romance and Sam Worthington

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