What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

My most valuable objects are my books and my toys, or any family heirlooms. Most of them are already waiting to be sorted or in storage.

While I haven’t read most of the books, ‘cept my X Files, and Roswell, and children’s books, I could pick out some to put them in a capsule of sorts. The toys – Beanie Babies and others are in storage as well. My family heirlooms consist of my grandmother’s library, her tv, and her wedding band.

nothing particularly time capsule-y


Where do you find creative inspiration?

i get the best inspiration from memes, topic ideas, fanfiction, and TV.

Ooh and fav actors XD

since my livestreams provided me with nothing – such is the Great YouTube!

edit: they cut out his last line, it was so sweet. Here is the Daily Motion for the full version

Close your eyes and write about what immediately pops into your head: Sadness

The current actor i am living vicariously through because i wish to escape reality.

Recently the length of Fangirling time has shortened with each new actor because i have the guilts for not being more useful in my life. I don’t know how long this one is going to last, but there will probably be someone new in six months; no matter how loyal i am or if they have new eps and interviews.

Then i think about writing a story with the character(s) they play. I haven’t written any fanfics since 1998+ and X Files. i have a few prompts, but i haven’t got the time to flesh them out or find a regular writer to adopt the plot bunny. however if i got an ff.net account…

then i think about watching tv again to forget the crazy i have inadvertently given myself. or read the books that i have horded since whenever.

then i think about school and how it will end someday and ….. where’s my future and how will i pay for it?


Do you play a musical instrument? For how long?

I used to sing and dance when i was in k-3, and we would have recitals in the neighboring city. There was some music class in school 4-7, but I think they cut the program and i stopped as well. Although, there were times i would sing 90’s country songs. i don’t really enjoy humming. To this day if i hear people humming i get the guilts. If my mother hums i tell her to stfu.

My singing and dancing
I sang All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth in a solo, probably around 6y. I blocked that out, probably because of the stage fright (if i had any then – i have too much now).

I danced with with my groups, in costume.

edited: will add pics if found

I tried learning piano on my own when i was little because I admired my (P) Grandmother’s ability. It only lasted a couple days, off and on, never learned how to read the sheets or picked up the starter book again (lost that book). I do have a keyboard with retro multiplay features. I can play Mary had a Little Lamb. I don’t know if it’s the right notes but i do a verse very well. recently i got some new books from mom’s friends (who i should thank at some point).

don’t know when i’ll start again

What do you think about while you exercise?

I think about tv, specifically the non-reality shows that have really fit actors, or i daydream fanfiction.

other things:
If i work out hard enough my anxiety will be gone or i will physically be ready to do something more useful than watch tv.

Or i think about the next exercise position in my books.

Can you live without electricity for a month?

all my ‘friends’ are on the net, tv
where would i get fast news
too silent
microwave/refrigerator is needed
isn’t heat run by electricity
fire, it burns

RL friends, family are fun to hang out with, sparingly.
things would get done…finally
get out of the house
reading is fun
good story to write up after the month
heat: moar blankets, exercise
etc: gas generator?
stars are pretty
campfires are fun

>> as long as i fully participate in previous activities, yes

How Active is Your Imagination?

You Have an Inactive Imagination

You aren’t a very imaginative person… but only because you don’t allow yourself to be.
Your imagination has laid dormant for many years, and as a result, you’re kind of boring.

Give yourself permission to wonder, daydream, and explore. Buy a coloring book. Take some photos.
You may be surprised where the world takes you if you open up to a it a bit more. If you can dream it, you can do it!

How Active is Your Imagination?

memory of a book

I remember a book with a phone on its cover art.
It was a young adult mystery about a phone call(s).
The cover art included the blurb of “ring ring you’re dead”
The last time i read it was in the late 90’s

that is all.

wish i had a name or author so i could read it again.

Quote of the Day!

At my school library, I bought a book that has at five books and a collection of short stories within it by Mark Twain


FOK News Channel tube!

They have a link to WordPress…lets see if I can embed.

“The Luck Of Jad Peters” by James Thurber.


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