What needs cleaning in your house?

This link, brought to you by Lifehacker, unclutter, helps anyone clean and organize their life with a simple ‘filing’ system.

My workspace and storage needs to be cleaned. I have loads of books with no shelves. The storage is mostly toys and old homework. I’ve started on the closet, but if the end of the world comes, it’s not going to matter. I just need to get it done so that i have only the necessary materials for reference regarding job searching.

Since i got access to a computer again, I’ll be cleaning up my blogs, drives, and emails. My emails are swamped and I’m lazy. I have to job search and that won’t do. My blogs, i always feel are oddly tagged, otherwise i need to start typing/writing again. My old homework on my drives or cds need sorting for reference.

So i zoned my information and downloaded some process apps to get through it. What i need now is to put the effort into it. 🙂


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