Cats or dogs – which do you prefer?

I prefer cats. I’ve had the chance to experience both, but i have a closer relationship with cats by the numbers. However, i know the general breed of dogs i encountered, and have been watching Dog Whisperer for a couple years.

Cats – 6, Dogs – 4

Cats and Dogs I’ve encountered:

I barely remember the female Dalmatian (Dottie, i think) that stayed with us (a few weeks) at grandma’s house along with the first cat i knew – an old, dark tabby pattern female (Baby). My uncle’s family has a farm with a horse(s) and a couple of dogs, think they were Labs, and that maybe Dottie was theirs.

Morris the Cat, was a male, ginger tabby pattern that lived either at my parents house or came to visit with grandma. He brought us fleas at the parents house. I was attack by him once while annoying him with gloves. I remember not much but checking myself in the mirror – no deep cuts or scars so the gloves must have got the worst.

The next two were sisters, Snookums and Spice, found on the farm and given to grandma after Baby died. The dark tabby was easy going with every thing, so we connected well. The gray and white hung back sometimes but was just as cool. They weren’t outside cats or interested in the basement, so i experimented a bit. After the outside test, both had switched personalities, and i always regretted it since the former now hides under beds at the other aunt/uncle’s house they now reside; since grandma died. Both are well cared for, but Snookums is now watched over by a pissy black male that also hides.

there was a dog that followed me walking to high school one day – i don’t know the breed (shaggy): something like the mutt from the Traverler’s Insurance commercial or smaller.

My mother developed and allergy to cats, so the next two: strays and no names, were at dad’s house. A gray male that was banished at first spray, and a white, clever, needy female, who shat on my bed. This was only because my bedroom door had finally broken off its hinges. they both brought fleas – though it wasn’t *hell* like it was with Morris – i only met at least 2.

so later, moving between mom and dad’s houses – no more pets ‘cept woodlice

however, mom’s boyfriend had a Boxer named Pearl over sometimes – she was rambunctious but sweet *when sleeping*. I didn’t watch the Dog Whisperer yet but i did do “no eye contact” techniques to get her to calm down. Mostly only because i saw her as a hindrance to my current way of life (“I want a cat!”).

The Doberman. Just met it once on the way to the bus stop. It’s owner didn’t have a Dog Whisperer in her, and it read our nervousness. It made to warn me with a bite to the knee. The wound wasn’t nasty and i walked it off without further incident to the bus. My pants were not torn, now that i remember (looking at them now), but it left a mark because i picked at the small scar. I should have said something, but blah to me.

Sheldon Cooper quote: “[C]ats make wonderful companions. They don’t argue or question my intellectual authority…”


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