Write a review of the last movie you saw.

Cowboys and Aliens 2011: scifi/thriller
Aliens were fantastic!
The story was fantastic!
Harrison Ford still great
Daniel Craig heard he was James Bond
Olivia Wilde’s eyes made her look like Keira Knightly sometimes

Fright Night 2011: horror/comedy
David Tennant: the main reason i went to see the movie in theaters, didn’t disappoint, even if i had to wait. Very HOT!!!!!
Anton Yelchin: saw him in The House of D. great acting here!
Colin Farrell’s acting was ok but i never saw him in anything before so he didn’t interest me even as the main vampire.
Vampires here were scarier, if i were to get scared by such things.

Avatar 2009: /action/adventure/fantasy – i would add scifi
Aliens were blue!
i liked it initially in theaters, but when it came on cable tv i got hooked. This was mostly because of the romance and Sam Worthington


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