How to kick a bad habit part *

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. (Murphy’s Law)

Twitter has become a bad habit.
just another part of my internet/tv addiction

it keeps to real time updates and the accounts i follow are both fun and smart.
in this way it is almost like a tv
it is a good way to keep up with the reality of celebs rather than gossip
must quit…..
i feel i should be doing something more useful.
guilt-financial budget overwhelming

step 1
only use it on crap mobile – it takes longer to read and refreshing is not as quick so there is a delay to satisfaction, also some links don’t work

step 2
choose an alternate and reward it
-includes homework, chores, reading/writing/music, time with actual people or pets
-email/talk to people to correct class credit
-more blog *for acknowledgement* not distraction

step 3
obligatory relapse because of boredom, a celeb conversation, or i feel like talking and had no control

step 4
new alternate

step 5
better? Repeat

a level of increasing moderation because i will still check my mobile
don’t allow it to be my only memory/purpose of life
further posts?


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