If sent to prison for an undefined amount of time…

What would you miss most?

Well, I’ve been in jail twice during school semester day offs and I never missed a thing because I’m high-strung and my vices and responsibilities tie me down, and having a time out was good for me. Also only during night shift.

The charges:
My mom in anger, and my dad in official self defense. Mom touched my stuff (bad temper day), and dad tried to discipline while drunk, with his friend, after he had the radio on so loud i couldn’t sleep. Mom and I are bffs now, i only hit her in the arm once, lightly. Dad evicted me, and changed his phone number. Both times i was dragged of to jail for a night. I had a panic attack after the fight with dad because I’d actually drawn a bit of blood (his), never mind the other trauma. As for who called the police on me – first mom’s friend while she was still talking with them on the phone, and the second time was me.

If I was sent to a prison for full jail time, I’d miss procrastination time, b/c I think, after the other inmates ‘welcome’ me I’ll have more responsibilities.

>> one reason i haven’t gone to an Occupy event 😦


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