synch-up mash-up

Youtube synch-up is something i just came up with but been doing for years. Basically, if fandom ships are lacking enough vids, or i think a vid flow could work with another song, i put them side to side and play, hoping that the time matches well.

I have no skills or account to put them together in my own vid, so they just lay open till i need a fix. this one is the best I’ve found since years. Thing is, 90’s country is more my speed (or a song i actually know).

for shippers of the Zane/Jo – Eureka fandom
SPOILERS *Tissue Warning*

to synch-up:
to avoid being distracted by an unneeded video it is opened in a new tab, and right click reload to play, no clicking a million times needed. Or if you have your own background music in other media, that’s good too. Of course, the primary video will be muted.

todays video flow:

I love the song it came with and the wispy effects as if from memory. The time matches perfectly from the first second. Most gut-wrenching, matched up scenes for this song come at the end.

here’s the link since embed is crap

Jo & Zane // Once In a Blue Moon

open in new tab:

Reba McEntire: The Greatest Man I Never Knew

if i continue to post things like this – no infringement intended.


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