Big Deal….!

So Mom and I moved to a new place this February.
We lived as long as we could at the old home; now it’s just my readjusting problems and dealing with priorities.

spring break is coming!

Nice enough apartment. Bit drafty. It’s as big as my dorm room that i shared back in 2009/10 semester. One bedroom, and at least the living room is bigger; the kitchen is walled off with a nicer dining room area. There is also a patio slab. Mom has decided that the bedroom is mine since i’ve got loads of stuff to pile in. I haven’t had any time to sort trough my stuff beyond the essentials and homework. I barely have a bed to speak of ‘cept an outdoor lounge chair and a sleeping bag.

Homework as usual is annoying.

There is no cable… yet ….

Great news my bugs (woodlice) are allowed to stay!!!

I have Armadillidium vulgare and Armadillidium depressum

    — used to have Porcellio scaber but they weren’t hardy enough for my forgetfulness

most similar to the US versions, also


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